The Adventure Zone was a special episode of MBMBAM where the brothers play Dungeons & Dragons with their father, later turned into its own podcast on the Maximum Fun Network. The initial pilot aired August of 2014[1], and it was launched as its own separate show on December 3rd 2014[2].

The Adventure Zone consists of campaigns (episodic arcs that center around specific role-playing games).Season One's story was the Balance Campaign run by Griffin, who also composed original music for most of the episodes, and consisted of 69[3] (nice) episodes, each around an hour in length.

Currently the podcast is featuring shorter campaigns (Committment, Amnesty, and Dust) where the hosts try out different RPG systems and take turns running the games. The brothers have said that a longer campaign that will be known as Season Two will happen after the shorter campaigns have concluded. This was announced to be The Adventure Zone: Amnesty, another campaign led by Griffin, based in the Monster of the Week system, taking place in Keepler, West Virginia.

The brothers have also produced several episodes of "The The Adventure Zone Zone" where they discussed the development of the campaigns and answered listener questions. They also have produced a separate campaign (The Adventure Zone Knights) as donor-specific content for the Maximum Fun Drives.

It has its own Wiki (The Adventure Zone Wiki).

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