Amélie is a strange impression done by Justin McElroy. The impression is loosely based on the character Amélie from the hit French film of the same name. The first appearance of Amélie was Episode 191: Married to the Mice King , before a Yahoo submitted by Amelie Belcher.

Griffin: This Yahoo was sent in by Amelie Belcher, thanks Amelie, it was written by Yahoo Answers user–
Justin, in the lightest voice ever produced on MBMBaM: Amélie?
Griffin: …what was that?
Justin: It's my impression of Amélie-
Griffin: From the movie Amélie???
Justin, in a voice only audible to mice: Amélie!

Trivia Edit

  • Amélie cook an egg with a spoon.
  • She's too small to fit on the BlueRay, they lose her.
  • She is hiding in the spindle!
  • Amélie no longer looks like a real word after editing this page.