Clint McElroy is the father of Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy. He participated in the Adventure Zone episode with them and has also appeared on several Maximum Fun donors-only bonus episodes.

He is not just a dad.

He is The Ultimate Dad.

Yes, he is also your dad.

The Dad.

Early LyfeEdit

Clint is always Dad. He has never not been a dad. He emerged from the womb to the sound of glorious angels with his lovely grey beard and a #1 dad mug and three kids. And a mysterious other child that no one knows of. not even he..........................................................

It is you. The child is you.

The early life header is for you. For you must learn of yourself to truely ascend.

He is the Bravest of dads. He fought twenty thousand mosquitoes that attacked his children. It is believed that the fight continues today.

Now he just need to find THE ULTIMATE PIZZA DOG and his quest to protect all of his 30,000,000,000 children will be complete.


References & Links Edit

  1. Picture made by Matt Herron.

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