"Steak-O" was originally released on Monday, June 7, 2010.

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After an unprecedented and, frankly, irresponsible one-week hiatus, we’ve returned to answer the deluge of questions the MBMBAM community flooded us with during the interlude. That just means we have a much sweeter stock of queries to choose from. Seriously, guys — every single question in this episode is a matter of life or death. Especially the one about teen make-out spots.

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Golden Love Corral, Best Woman, Aaron (known dude), the circle of AIDS, long distance dating and shotputting, fat beers, Why Does The Sun Shine?, anger volcanoes, mama-law, friendship connections, On Kicking


34:00 - Y - Sent in by Action Allen, from Yahoo Answers user Kyle S, who asks:

I need a list of the most practical kicks.?

I want a list of kicks (all must be practical), and where they would land

So far (the obvious ones)

Front kick to groin/mid area/ head.

Side kick to groin/mid area. (I personally don't like this one cuz it's hard to see)

Round kick to lower leg/back of knee.

All suggestions are welcome.

37:05 - I like a sociable, smart, funny, nerdy guy, but I don't know where to find one. I don't want to show up at a Magic game and be laughed out because I'm playing with my Merfolk deck and can't remember all of the rules, or be ignored because I'd rather watch someone play the horror games, for example Fatal Frame 2, so that I can cover my eyes when it gets scary. How do you suggest I go about finding these guys without running into the creepy stalker on Craigslist? Do they even exist? Griffin you are fucking adorable, maybe you can tell me how girls get your attention. Sorry, ok, well thanks.

43:30 - FY - How many drops of LSD should I give a four month old to get her to stop crying?

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