"The Secret Life of Ferguson" was originally released on July 19, 2010.

Description Edit

The Boys of Summer are back with another dose of their unique brand of advice -- in fact, we're going to supply you with some free advice right here, in the very next sentence. You should pre-order one of our fine T-shirts. Here's some more: You should leave a message on our voicemail, at 203-MBM-BAM1. Boom. You just got advised, and you haven't even started listening to the show yet.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

Spiderbelly, Tiller-snoot, Google Voice Follies, Ferguson Sex Change, Couldn't Care More, Jazz Cigarettes, Hans Solo and Chewy, Rock Lobster Diet, SHIRTS

Outline Edit

02:05 - I received my first job out of college in March, and I am still employed here. I was curious when it was appropriate to ask for a raise and how to go about doing it. My boss is a really nice guy, but due to my social anxiety and my lack of fully understanding the intricacies of a workplace and this workplace in particular, I'm afraid to bring it up. What do you suggest? -- An anynomous emailer on gmail

05:19 - Formspring - MBMBaM, I have been chosen to be a best man in my friend's wedding, and I've been trying very hard to figure out what to say for the toast. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

06:50 - Hey My Brother My Brother and Me, I was just wondering, I'm gonna be going to college in the fall, are there any essential college things that I should do in college? Thank you. -- Google Voice

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