"Popeye's Daedalus Protocol" was originally released on March 31, 2014.

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Thanks for helping us blow MaxFunDrive 2014 out of the water, everyone! For your donations and support, we have rewarded you with an episode rich in discussion of toilet sounds.

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Prank of the Century, Merch Prison, French Hillbilly, Moped Stigma, Baby Advice, A Gorilla Stole My Website, Southern Fried Nanomachines, Bathroom Music

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00:46 - Opening goofs: Griffin comes up with the prank of the century

07:37 - Hey there brothers my boyfriend is in a band that's starting to get really big. I go to one of his shows every weekend pretty much. My issue is that I don't know how to act when I watch him on stage. I feel awkward being right up front staring at him but I want him to notice me in the crowd. I'm 5 feet tall so I get lost in the crowd pretty easily. Do you have any ideas for how I can be a good supportive band girlfriend and not come off as awkward or just standing there? -- Feeling Awk Sauce in Chicago

15:06 - Y - Sent in by David DaCruz, from Yahoo Answers user GhostGate, who asks:

How can i include my guinea pig more in my daily life? PLEASE HELP!!!?

Ok so i have a male g pig and i want to include him in my Daily life! Ok so from Monday-friday from like 7am-4pm im at school. I let him walk in my room but, i want him in ALL my daily stuff such as when i go out, or just pretty much in every thing thats possible. But i have a probluem, its a dumb probluem but its affecting me. The probluen is that i cant affore to wash everyday, im kinda broke, and i also cant change cloth every time the loses hair on me, i know its pretty stupid but thats my situation. So do you recommend buying a g pig carrier or what do i do? He also doesn't have a buddy i i knknow they suppose to be in pairs and all but i know my story and cant really affore another g pig, so thats why i want him in my life more, and not just cause of that but also cause i want like a closer" friend, no im not a loner lol but more of a " close" pet cause i enjoy pet interaction. So Please please help me out and give me ideas! With my weird probluem Please!!!!!!! Thank you!

21:26 - I bought a moped in high school not knowing the social consequences that came with it. Now that college is upon me do I bring it to school or keep it at home and be forced to walk around campus like the rest of my scholars? PS I bought the moped second hand and the previous owner put a super loud exhaust on it to make it go fast. This subsequently makes me look like a huge tool. -- Efficiently Confused in New Hampshire

26:42 - Dear brothers: I am 6 months pregnant. So many people in my life, whether they have kids or not, keep giving me advice and I HATE it. How can I politely but not so politely tell them I don't want their opinion? -- Preggers on the Pacific Coast

35:59 - MZ - Personal messages from Will. Personal message from Bayon. Sponsored by Nature Box. Sponsored by SquareSpace.

45:38 - Y - Sent in by Charles Decker, from Yahoo Answers user Travelman, who asks:

How do Popeye's employees know you've eaten there before?

The first time I went there, they just said, "Welcome to Popeyes", but now they always say, "Welcome back to Popeyes." How do they know I've eaten there before?

50:09 - Is it okay to play music from my phone to cover up any possible sounds made while using a bathroom at work or in public? -- Kirk In Maryland

55:11 - Housekeeping

58:46 - FY - Sent in by Brian Couch, from Yahoo Answers user Calamity, who asks:

How do I keep my son from naming my grandson 'Yolo'?

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