"Drunting" was originally released on September 13, 2010.

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Look, there's one of two ways you can respond to our absence over Labor Day weekend: You can get angry, and demand an apology (which we'll happily give) -- but that's kind of a waste of time, isn't it? Let's go with option two, where we run, teary-eyed, into your arms, like prodigal sons returning to their loving fathers.

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The cost of labor, get your poke on, dong gnats, in which we sing Wilson Phillips, gender studies, Travis' nightmare diet, MILK, the WikiAnswers experiment, Super Donuts: A Counterpoint

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03:05 - Formspring - I have a friend whose last name is Mcelroy. Should I trust him? Given the fact that there was no new MBMBAM last week, I wonder if it's all Mcelroys that are liars or is that a particular trait reserved to the West Virginia Mcelroy clan?

04:30 - This weekend me and my cousin (same age) are moving into our first apartment as roommates this weekend. It seems like he's already slacking on a part of our responsibilities we've split up like getting certain utilities. What should I do? Do I let that shit hit the fan so he learns the hard way to hold up his end, or do I pick up the slack so I can have electricity in my new apartment?

07:11 - Is it weird that I've been Facebook poking an ex-girlfriend of mine solely for the fact that it's an excuse for her to keep me on her mind for quick hook-ups whenever she's in town. Relationship-wise we're a horrible pairing but when it comes to "getting down" it's crazy dope and seems like it's worth an ephemeral trip to the bone zone.

10:56 - I am a 26 year old male and have begun to notice a confusing trend. What's the proper way to greet an older woman? I noticed that recently when I greet women they started kissing my cheek and not merely giving the hugs I'm used to receiving. Do I go in and kiss them as well, do I pretend the awkward moment never happened, or do I punch them in the face like Travis is thinking? Help please!

14:00 - Y - From Yahoo Answers user Lindsey O'Malley, who asks:

What does my son mean?

My son keeps saying something strange and I can't find what it means ANYWHERE! I'll ask him to do something and he'll say

"Mom, I'm ON THAT like a DONG GNAT!"
What does he mean? I searched on google and got nothing. Is this a music reference? Drugs? I know people smoke dongs with weed but I didn't find one in his room... Help?
16:45 -

20:11 -

24:07 -

28:03 -

34:43 -

38:45 -

45:25 - Housekeeping

48:58 - FY - Sent in by Eric

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