"Cheeseburger to Paradise" was originally released on February 16, 2015.

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By listening to this episode of MBMBaM, you are contractually agreeing to allow us to become the masters of your sexual destiny. No need to e-sign anything. This is a one-way verbal agreement.

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Buttpunches, Amelia Bedelia Corleone, Weak Points, Vacation Food Womb, The Solar King, Ham Mistake

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07:02 - My son is about to lose his first tooth. His best friend received one hundred god damn dollars from the tooth fairy, and my son seems to think that amount is normal. How do I manage his expectations without losing the magic? -- Dentally Distraught In Delaware

16:16 - Y - Sent in by Rachel Spurling, from Yahoo Answers user Jacob, who asks:
Take Our Game And Re
How can you dominate each zodiac sign? What is every zodiacs weakness?

I just want to know how to dominate very zodiac sign in a friendship type of way, how do you become dominate in a relationship with any zodiac? (Especially geminis). I would also like to know what every zodiac signs weakness is emotionally and mentally.

22:56 - I'm going with my wife and a part of her family on a rather expensive trip to Florida, which has been planned for several months. We are now very close to the trip, and the fifty-something-year-old sister who originally declined the invite is now interested; however, she doesn't want to pay, and wants to sleep on a cot with her boyfriend on our beachfront home's enclosed patio. How should we handle this? -- Jim City Slacker

29:14 - MZ - Sponsored by MeUndies. Sponsored by Nature Box. Sponsored by Robocopter Ski Patrol. Personal message from Jennie "Rampage" Hernandez and Shawn "Bandana" Mitchell. Advertisement for Jordan Jesse Go.

40:10 - Farm Wisdom

  • Donkeys and Coyotes hate dogs
44:01 - Y - Sent in by Drew Davenport, from "YaDrew Answers" user Ricardas, who asks:
Level 14000 YaDrew S
Scientists try to dim the sun. Witches pray so that the sun doesn't shine. The result will be famine. What needs to be done about this?

50:15 - What is your opinion on returning food if your order is incorrect, and does your opinion alter if the food is take out rather than dine in? Recently I ordered a calzone from a local pizzeria, but the filling that I received was ham rather than pepperoni [unintelligible]

58:50 - Housekeeping

  • Recommended Maximum Fun Network podcasts: Oh No Ross And Carrie, Lady to Lady, the Goosedown, The Flop House

63:01 - FY - Sent in by Drew Davenport, from an anonymous Yahoo Answers user, who asks:

What is Barack Obama's username on Playstation Network?

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"You just butt punched the cum right out me."

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