"Dad Stew" was originally released on September 27, 2010.

Description Edit

If you're not listening to this new episode at an official, licensed, ordained MBMBaM listening party, then we're not sure you're getting the full listening experience. Advice podcasts are like tandem bikes -- they don't really work unless two or more people sit on them. We don't know what we're saying anymore.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

Wolfwhistles, That full-on Sisqo heat, foreverbaby, Now That's What I Call Music, Eye-spiders, balls and everything, guywriting, monkey stomach, maneater

Outline Edit

03:43 - Formspring -

08:05 -

11:45 - Y - Sent in by Wax Catharsis

14:29 - Formspring -

17:35 -

21:57 -

24:45 - Formspring -

26:42 - Y - Sent in by Mike Susak

28:51 -

32:27 -

37:52 - Housekeeping

41:22 - FY - Sent in by Mike Susak

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