"Birthday Surprise Hole" was originally released on July 6, 2015, at 8:28 AM.

Description Edit

So, look. Here's the thing. We prepped all our questions for this episode, but about 10 minutes in, we realized that we just weren't going to do them. So, in this bizarre installment of MBMBaM, we share advice that we wish we could have given our past selves -- important instructions like: Hey, put that bottle of frosted tip gel down. Put it in the garbage, actually.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

Cold Showers, Exotic Salsas, Video Toasters, Minkus Khan, Safety Patrol, The Pub, Vintage Cocaine, Balls Out United, Peer-Reviewed Bacon, Credit Card Collapse, On Frosted Tips, The Worst Birthday Present of All Time

Outline Edit

Intro - Justin takes cold showers

06:44 - Griffin tries to make a cooking show using the condiment station at school

07:28 - "Justin is a homosexual"

08:50 - "Do you guys just want to rap this whole time? We've gone nine minutes now without doing a question." "Yeah, let's keeping going!"

08:57 - Travis writes an exposé about a turkey club shortage and Griffin does one on pedometer shaking

09:55 - Justin does top 10 lists

11:04 - Travis was a Minkus

13:04 - Talking about TaG classes

15:58 - Safety Patrol

19:33 - Justin gets fired (twice)

25:25 - "Did you guys ever do cocaine?"

28:25 - Balls Out United

32:28 - MZ - Sponsored by Harry's. Sponsored by SquareSpace. Personal message from Grant. Personal message from Snugglebeard.

38:35 - Justin talks about candied bacon and Griffin throws a fit

45:53 - Sway

49:12 - Justin signs up for a credit card in exchange for a hat at a baseball game

54:05 - Justin's awful hair decisions

59:56 - Justin tries to get his girlfriend a surprise belly button piercing

62:42 - Housekeeping

66:32 - Final embarrassing story - Justin lipsyncs 'Sweet Home Alabama' and Griffin writes a Pokemon story for school 

Quotes Edit

On Inappropriate Romantic Gifts Edit

If it wasn't you telling me this, I would be calling the police right now!
— Griffin

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