"Freak in the Bedroll" was originally released October 11, 2010.

Description Edit

This is a special, special episode, everyone. A very special episode indeed. Not only is it our quarter-of-a-hundred-episode celebration, it's also our first show with the endorsement of world hero, David Hasselhoff. To celebrate, we've got a bunch of free advice, as well as a heartwarming outro from John Palomba. From his guitar, to our hearts, to your ears.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

Wizard Ani, The Hoff, prison pals, the waxening, treeem, insta-baby, mommy's Cosmos, the fightin' Rachel Dratches

Outline Edit

02:25 -

07:44 -

11:02 - Y - Sent in by Dill Bob

13:57 -

18:25 -

20:27 -

25:10 -

29:00 - Y - Sent in by Chris Depew

32:06 - Y - Sent in by Chris Depew

34:01 -

36:56 - Housekeeping

41:10 - FY - Sent in by Chris Depew

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