"The Juice Will Flow" was originally released on September 23, 2015.

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Wake us up when September ends, y'all. We've gone done overbooked ourselves a bit, leading to the careful crafting of this dog-tired episode. It gets a bit bleak at times, but just keep on chewing. We'll get through this thing together!

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Teddy Bear Secrets, Vickypedia, Mr. Limpet, Trivial Loan Shark, Homemade Pokemon Gym, Coffee Quitters, Laser Ghosts

Outline Edit

07:30 - I travel for work a lot, usually with one particularly-clingy and incompetent colleague. I need a fair amount of alone time in order to function, and also I find her to be extremely annoying company. She's just the opposite, and expects to eat every meal together. A few times I've gotten away from her for dinner, but the next day she complains about loneliness. How do I get more meals alone without alienating my colleague? -- Desperately Seeking Solitude

14:47 - Y - Sent in by Zoe Kinsky, from Yahoo Answers user Archie, who asks:

I think I swap bodies with my goldfish at night,help!?

When I go to sleep I keep seeing flashes of an image of blurred water.Eventually when I go to sleep all I can see is the inside of my gold fish's gold fish bowl,and when I swam to the end of the bowl I could see my body flapping around,I think I swapped bodies with my goldfish.

This happens most nights.

21:16 - Three weeks ago I went with a group of friends to miami to celebrate a birthday with a surprise trip. Bullshit ensued, so the birthday boy and his GF were left without a room for the weekend. The GF asked me to front the money, and said she was expecting a large sum of money in a few days and would pay me within five days. I charged that $350 to my credit card, expecting a prompt repayment. How do I ask for that money without asking for it?

29:17 - MZ - Sponsored by Square Space. Sponsored by Casper. Sponsored by Wild Speculation. Personal message from Kevin H. Advertisement for Stop Podcasting Yourself.

38:18 - Y - Sent in by Drew Davenport, from an anonymous Yahoo Answers user, who asks:

Will there be any Gyms when Pokemon Go comes out?

Is there any talk of official gyms being opened? How weird would it be if my hubby & I started a gym?
We have an idea of handing out little badges if someone can beat us and our actual-gym junkie friends (scary looking personal trainers who are secret mega nerds).
Good idea? Bad idea?
Is there goong to be an official gym?

43:32 - I quit coffee a couple of weeks ago, and I've baically gone through all the withdrawal symptoms, and no longer have headaches; however, whenever I smell coffee I really want it and last night I had a dream about drinking coffee. Have any of you ever quit coffee, and if so are there any tricks you use to convince your brain to stop wanting coffee? -- Laura

49:02 - Y - Sent in by Zoe Kinsky, from Yahoo Answers user Mayda B, who asks:

Do ALL people who get lasic eye surgery see ghosts?

My brother's getting one and I am afraid he might see ghosts.

Update: *lasik

Update 2: @Sunny☀ LOL!

53:40 - Housekeeping

60:29 - FY - Sent in by Matt Gifford, from an unknown Yahoo Answers user, who asks:

When did the phrase "get jiggy with it" become extinct?

Quotes Edit

On Jet Lag Hallucinations Edit

A that's the day the teddybears have their fuuuuuck fesssst!
— Griffin

On Magic Potions Edit

I basically have a symbiotic relationship with caffeine at this point: I don't think of it as a drug, I think of it as a partnership.
— Justin

On Pokemon Gyms Edit

Travis: So what's the theme? Is it a bug theme?
Griffin: YEAH TRAVIS. Uh uh uh uh YEAH, TRAVIS. I'm going to open up a bug-type Pokemon Gym, you IDIOT. Cuz that's what I want, to shit out badges for every ham-n-egger that comes to my front door. Yeah, that's right Travis. 'Go Caterpie!' That's me, you fucking imbicile. 'Do your best, Kakuna!' What are you fucking talking about? Yeah 'bug-type gym'
Travis: ......Yeah, alright um I'm gonna go, I've embarassed myself.
Justin: Maybe fire type?
Griffin: Yeah I'll probably just do fire type one so that ONE KID WITH ONE BLASTOISE can fuck up my whole shop! 'Killed all of us with one Blastoise, huh? Wow, shit maybe I should have just...
Travis: Just do rock then! Just do rock type
Griffin: ....The same Blastoise would fuck my rocks...

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