"The Quickening" was originally released November 8, 2010.

Description Edit

Fact: 66.6 percent (repeating) of the brothers McElroy were born on this very day, 30 and 27 years ago. This very special episode is a look back on some of the biggest moments of their lives. By which we mean the biggest events of everyone's lives who sent in questions this week, and also some strangers on Yahoo Answers. By which we mean: A regular show.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

Cat on Lap, Sodoko, Mancoon Buscemi, retail Highlander, world's best lover, (emotional waves), Sexual Edge, Good Sun Setting, eureka

Outline Edit

02:12 -

05:48 -

09:38 - Sent in by Art Santana

17:43 -

21:29 -

26:44 -

28:50 - Sent in by JRegal21

34:15 -

40:24 -

44:10 - Sent in by Louie Dog

48:28 - Housekeeping

51:22 - Sent in by Jonathan Bartram

Quotes Edit

On Ghost-Writing Edit

Bitch, don't try to rewrite this book before it's wrote!
— Griffin

Trivia Edit

This is the first episode where the "Keep your heart Three Stacks" outro is used.

Deep Cuts Edit

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