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Announcer: The McElroy brothers are not experts, and their advice should never be followed. Travis insists he's a sexpert, but if there's a degree on his wall, I haven't seen it. Also, this show isn't for kids, which I mention only so the babies out there will know how cool they are for listening. What's up, you cool baby?

Introduction [00:44] Edit

Justin: Hello, everybody, and welcome to My Brother, My Brother and Me, an advice show for the modren era. I'm your oldest brother. Justin McElroy, they call me.
Travis: I'm your middlest brother, Travis McElroy.
Griffin: I'm your sweet baby brother, Griffin McElroy, don'tcha know.
Travis: We did it, America.
Justin: We did it, everybody.
Griffin: Yeah, I don't know that this is, necessarily, good intro fodder. Like, obviously, I'm happy that we did the television show, but, um, ... and... and to... to be back home with all of my novelty coffee mugs and, um, my... my wife and stuff. But, um, all we really did was work for three weeks.
Justin: What... how are people doing it out there, day to day.
Griffin: Mhmm.
Justin: We get so many emails from people, and it's like, "Life is really hard for me right now. Thank you all for being such a shining light in that... in... in that hard time." And I always find those emails very confusing...
Griffin: Yeah.
Justin: ... because, it's like, no, life is very easy.
Griffin: It's very easy and good. You do like an hour of work, and then people listen to it, and it's good... and you're good, baby.

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