"The Minnesota Pincher" was originally released November 29, 2010.

Description Edit

Justin was inconsiderate enough to be sick during our usual record day, so the episode's late today. Don't be mad at us. Be mad at Justin's wimpy-ass white blood cells. Also, we hope you had a really fantastic Thanksgiving.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

Prius Promise, raw fire, three bowling date rule, penit pills, OG Water, vigilante parking justice, green packaging

Outline Edit

02:40 -

08:49 -

12:55 - Sent in by Louie Dog

17:51 -

23:27 -

25:00 - Sent in by Patrick Toy

29:31 -

33:12 -

38:28 - Sent in by Louie Dog

43:52 - Housekeeping

49:25 – Sent in by Jakob Locker

Quotes Edit

It’s all about a good, hard cuddle.
— Griffin

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