"Bramblepelt" was originally released December 6, 2010.

Description Edit

As the temperature drops, your physiological need for wisdom increases exponentially. That's a scientific fact. Warm up your cold, unenlightened bones with a hot flood of genuine ad-vice, why don't you? It's got the rejuvenating heat of a fresh cup of cocoa, only it won't make your mouth feel all gommy after you drink it.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

Creepin', The Even Longer Con, On the DL, Daily Penis Briefing, Have Mercy, Methspresso, A Bad Scene, Troutleap, Friendtimacy

Outline Edit

03:09 -

09:09 -

13:35 -

17:21 -

20:28 -

24:58 - Sent in by Action Allen

28:43 -

31:46 -

33:44 -

36:38 - Sent in by Goodbye Babylon Babylon

41:19 -

46:09 - Housekeeping

50:20 - Sent in by Modest Madison

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