"Make it Magic" was originally released on December 13, 2010.

Description Edit

Well, you're here, and we're here, so we might as well just do this thing. C'mon. We've only got about 50 minutes to save the world through the power of heartfelt advice, and also the power of saying a bunch of stuff we don't mean.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

Global snow, In Vino Veritas, Still Waters, Fight or Flight, Love Cleanse, Emily Wall Post, Biblebot, The You're Wrong Daily

Outline Edit

02:09 -

07:09 -

10:06 - Sent in by Matt Brooks

14:17 -

17:42 -

25:24 -

30:58 - Sent in by Modest Madison

34:18 -

37:57 -

43:57 - Sent in by Wax Catharsis

48:45 - Housekeeping

52:18 - Sent in by Giris Mitchell

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

Deep Cuts Edit

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