"Teach Me How to Holi-Dougie" was originally released on December 20, 2010.

Description Edit

We've got a tight little stocking stuffer for you this week, friends. We're talking about all your different holiday traditions, and we're doing it while trying as hard as we possibly can not to curse. (Except for the first minute or so.) Share it with your loved ones! Thanks to Drew from Toothpaste For Dinner for the fresh intro song. And thanks to JPhonic for the bonus track for premium Appsperience users! And thanks to you, for listening, and being so generally rad. Happy holidays!

Outline Edit

06:08 -

10:03 -

14:02 -

17:51 -

22:25 - Sent in by Bridget

27:52 -

29:51 -

33:51 -

39:09 -

40:48 -

43:41 - Sent in by MaddyB

47:08 -

50:38 -

54:25 - Housekeeping

57:32 -

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