"Candlenights" was originally released December 27, 2010.

Description Edit

Between the lack of question submissions, the hurried pace and the general post-Holiday blues, we wouldn't exactly qualify this one as our "best episode." We're not sure we'd qualify it as our "most adequate episode." Is it our "worst episode ever?" That's up to you. "Most disappointing end-of-year episode?" Oh, God yes.

Suggested Talking Points Edit

95 and Not Alive, Jesus' hat-expanding magic, A wizard of comedy named Patch Adams, metaphorical smudgy sticks, discretion, Kevin James' reversible circumcision

Outline Edit

05:22 -

09:07 -

12:50 -

18:25 - Sent in by Action Allen.

25:32 -

27:42 - Sent in by Action Allen.

37:41 - Housekeeping

40:04 -

Quotes Edit

Yeah, he is definitely a psycho killer qu’est-ce que c’est. Like, you gotta watch your back on this one.
— Griffin
You can get carried away and think you've only sent four text messages over the course of a week, but oops, it was actually 35. It's like eating corn chips, you know?
— Griffin
Yeah, that's a lonely, lonely tango you do not want to be a part of.
— Griffin

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