"Ven Conmigo a Jurrasic Park" was originally released on March 19, 2012.


Ssh. Oh, man. You guys are going to have to keep it down this week. We're feeling a little under the weather, which is to say, under the exorbitant number of St. Patrick's Day beverages we consumed. Let's just get through this one, okay?

Suggested Talking PointsEdit

A Quiet Podcast With the Lights Off, Hunger Games: Abridged, Little Monsters Only, Playplace Wedding, Its'a Me Kevin, President Doritos


05:56 - I have two really good friends, and they both have girlfriends, and I feel left out. What should I do?

10:51 - Y - Sent in by Tim, from Yahoo Answers user Anatolia Monster, who asks:

Monsters, what do to for Lady Gaga's birthday?

Mother monster's birthday is approaching. Have you decided what to do to celebrate. I'm planning on making a video for her, even if she won't see it. Have you got any better ideas?

Additional details: I was asking little monsters only.

17:53 - Hey, my girlfriend and I recently got engaged, and we're looking for out-of-the-box wedding venue ideas that are relatively cheap. Both of us want a short, non-church-related ceremony and a cool reception. We are thinking March of next year, and since we live in the deep south something outdoor is easily an option. Help us brothers! -- Lovebirds in Louisiana

32:49 - MZ - Personal message from Nadia, Will & Tom. MaxFun Drive promotion. Advertisement for Judge John Hodgman.

36:35 - Y - Sent in by Golly Aolly, from Yahoo Answers Kevin Crawford, who asks:

If I go to Italy and talk with a Italian accent, would I offend the Italians?

I'm going to Germany, Austria, and Italy may 23rd for eleven days. I just wanted to ask I talk with an Italian accent but don't speak Italian, would the Italians find that offensive?

41:44 - Y - Sent in by Keith Marnoch, from Yahoo Answers user Matilda, who asks:

Opinions on the name "Baby" for a girl?

I'm sorry but I love this name. It is so graceful, elegant, and formal. UPPER CLASS NAME. I'm gonna call my kid this please. Opinions please.

49:22 - Housekeeping

52:02 - FY - Sent in by Lisa Hollifield, from Yahoo Answers user Mr.Cool, who asks:

Is there going to be a Good Burger 2 movie coming out?

Quotes Edit

Can we start the show so we can be done with the show soon?
— Griffin
Travis, I like the idea of dragooning toddlers into your wedding.
— Griffin
Pack your bags and eat your friends.
— Travis

Trivia Edit

Deep Cuts Edit

  • Griffin refers to Speedee, the first McDonalds mascot.

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