Extreme Restraints ( was a frequent sponsor of the podcast, with well over 50 sponsored episodes (over ten thousand dollars of investment) including during several Candlenights episodes, and at one point representing 36% of all total sponsors of the show.

Notable Products Edit

  • An attachment you can put on a drill with a soft rubber tip (To prevent accidental drilling)
  • Candle-holding belt
  • A peripheral for making your kielbasa sausages bigger
  • A ball you can put in your mouth to prevent yourself from saying something stupid
  • A whole leather mask that looks like a dog
  • Leash for a person (gag prop)
  • A safety cage for your privates so dogs can't bite them
  • Cat-o-nine-tails specifically for non-sexual punishment
  • Carpool Buddy
  • Skinny cucumber juicer
  • Special douche for chronic constipation.
  • Plugs for chronic diarrhea
  • Fun Swing for adults
  • Lube for getting your hand out of the cookie jar
  • Boy Butter (for your english muffins)
  • Upsetting Harry Potter Wand
  • A Electroshock Paddle That Goes On Your Balls
  • A Ghost You Can Fuck Every Night
  • A Sexual Fishtank
  • All The Good Chicken-Pot Pie Recipes (On The Forums)