Horses are a frequent topic of conversation/obsession on My Brother, My Brother and Me.

They sure are.

Notable Episodes Edit

Orb Edit

Allegedly the 2013 Kentucky Derby winner of the same name, Orb was first mentioned in Episode 151: Orb is Horse. He(?) is described as a literal orb, a floating sphere implied to be of alien construction, and has apparently come to Earth to bed the local "Earth-horse women."

Orb later appeared in Episode 213: Flavorizer Overload, where he described himself as "two steel drums, turned to face each other."

Torsey Edit

Torsey the Torso Horse was the subject of a goof in Episode 175: Torsey. Part of the bit was made into an animated video by friend of the show Tyler Crowley and posted on the MBMBAM youtube page.



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