The Money Zone is a recurring segment in My Brother, My Brother and Me. The brothers deliver Jumbotron style business and personal messages.

Jingles Edit

For a while, Griffin McElroy provided custom jingles for all Jumbotron messages. He stopped making jingles for personal messages in Episode 66: Beaches: The Book of the Movie, and stopped making jingles for business messages in Episode 108: The Garfield Monstrosity.

Best Message Ever Edit

On Episode 209: BurgerTime 4: Ketchup the brothers received possibly the best Jumbotron message ever:

To Elliot from Matt -- thanks for vibing it and keeping it tight. If you need me, I'm on my mobile.

The message was praised for its brevity and wit. The brothers discussed during that episode, and brought up in several subsequent episodes. In Episode 211, they talk about other messages coming close to dethroning the best ever message,[1] but as yet nothing has been able to top it.

References Edit

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