Wife of Griffin McElroy

Just great and good.  

Currently co-hosts Wonderful!, a self-described enthusiast podcast, with Griffin. She used to co-host Rose Buddies, a Bachelor and Bachelorette fancast, also with Griffin. 

Has guest-starred on the following MBMBaM episodes:

She is the creator of the best chili recipe of all time, according to Griffin.

A Beautiful And Pure Soul

She also has about 5 years of wisdom on her husband, but no one is sure exactly how long without her birthday being known. She might actually be as old as 150 if she was born on a leap day and is also a chronomancer. According to Rose Buddies (ep. 49, where she and Griffin discuss how they met), it was mentioned that her birthday is on March 29.

She's so amazing I love her so much I would pay real money to have her read the dictionary to me with her lovely voice

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