This list of The Brothers' Yearly Themes provides an easy reference on how to achieve self-actualization. Every year, the Brothers guide their flock towards a better, more fulfilled life by deciding upon a theme by which we must all guide ourselves. The theme for each year, and the episode in which the Brothers declared the yearly theme, is listed.



  • 2016:
    • Twenty-flix-teen: Catch up on the queue
    • Twenty-sux-teen: Let's just get through it
    • Twenty-sex-teen: Build a sex dummy of Jeff Bridges
    • Twenty-mix-teen: Get up in it
    • Twenty-dicks-teen: Just saying, dicks rhymes with six
    • Twenty-Ricks-teen: Where's all my Ricks at?
    • Twenty-Twix-teen: Get those caramelly sons of bitches
    • Twenty-hicks-teen: Back to your roots
    • Twenty-chicks-teen: Score lots of babes. Come on ladies, pile in this Lamborghini
    • Twenty-pics-teen: Or it didn't count
    • Twenty-Fricks-teen: Back in the picture. Hey Hollywood, it's time to let Brenda Fricker back into movies
    • Twenty-nix-teen: Cut it out
    • Twenty-Knicks-teen
    • Twenty-(Stevie) Nicks-teen
    • Twenty-quicks-teen: Don't wait up
    • Twenty-Styx-teen: Appreciating the music of the world's greatest rock band
  • 2017:
    • Twenty-even-teen: Restoring balance
    • Twenty-givin'-teen: Helping when you can
    • Twenty-revvin-teen: Kicking it into high gear
    • Twenty-sweatin'-teen: Getting fit
    • Joseph-Gordon-Levitteen: Celebrating the works of JGL
    • Twenty-raven-teen: We've all got ravens
    • Twenty-bevvin-teen: Stayin' 'drated
    • Twenty-Riven-teen: Let's all appreciate the excellent sequel to Myst
    • Twenty-sexin-teen: Time to bust one
    • Twenty-sextant-teen: Navigate by the stars
    • Twenty-servin'-teen: Go serve your community or dis someone on the playground
    • Twenty-slevin-teen: I thought it was a good flick
    • Twenty-elven-teen: Embrace nature, live forever, sweet bow tricks
    • Twenty-never-teen: No teens allowed
    • Twenty-leaven-teen: The year of baking
    • Twenty-Estefan-teen: Rhythm is gonna getchu
    • Twenty-schleppin-teen: Get out there, move around
    • 2016 II
    • Twenty-Kevin-clean: Scrub'em all down
    • Twenty-Seventeen magazine
    • Twenty-seven bees

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