The Time Belt was a public access television show on WOWK-TV 13 in Huntington, West Virginia from the early 1990's.

It stars a young Justin McElroy as Justin Evans, boy time traveler ("Ho ho, look at me! I'm travelling through time!").

The program also features inventor/negligent guardian Uncle Walt played by Clint McElroy, and young Travis and Griffin McElroy as Kid Playing and Kid Playing.

The Time Belt (Pt 1)08:58

The Time Belt (Pt 1). 1)

The Time Belt (Pt 2)03:59

The Time Belt (Pt 2). 2)

The Time Belt (Pt 3)06:20

The Time Belt (Pt 3). 3)

The Time Belt (Pt 4)08:31

The Time Belt (Pt 4). 4)

The Time Belt (Pt 6)07:18

The Time Belt (Pt 6). 6)

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