Zoe Kinsky has been known to supply the brothers with a question from the Yahoo! Answers service from time to time.

History Edit

Zoe's first Yahoo! Answers question appeared as the Final Yahoo on Episode 244: Slimefoot and it spawned a strange obsession. She now covets Griffin's last question far more than any other question on the show.

After spending many, many moons climbing that ladder (beginning at Episode 253: Bye-Bye Boy), she is at last riding high (as of Episode 293: Dark Ages Teen Life).

Trivia Edit

There are a few important things to remember about Zoe:

  • Not a game recognizer
  • Proud Houstonian and Texan (don't mess with)
  • Loves green olives on pizza
  • Obsessed with (donkey) basketball
  • Has emailed over 2,500 awful questions to the show
  • Better than Drew at Overwatch
    Riding High